Amy Jennings for West Utica Common Council

Time For Change

There are few things more important to most people than family, community, and country. Utica NY has long held a history richly centered around those values. As an immigration hub it promoted the integration of race, ideas, food, and culture that have shaped it into the incredible city that it is today.

For many of Utica’s residents, the memories of shopping at The Boston Store, grabbing a bite to eat at Uncle Henry’s Pancake House or Kuipee’s in Oneida Square or visiting Niesley’s are treasured fondly. Childhood memories of skiing and ice skating at the Parkway are reminders of “the good old days”, of a time when the City felt safe and secure.

I became intrigued with the City of Utica nearly 20 years ago, as a college student, studying at Utica College of Syracuse University. As a three time graduate of the college, it seemed only fitting that I purchased a home in West Utica and establish roots in the area. I remain convinced today, as I was back then, that Utica is a city of great diversity and great growth opportunity. A place where individuals can thrive, and families can be raised - A city like no other. It is these ideals that motivate me  in pursuit of becoming a voice and advocate for fellow residents. It is these ideals that I  feel the community at large needs to be reminded of.

Although I didn’t settle in West Utica until 2002, my family has a long rich history directly connected to the City. My mother, Joyce Jennings, served the City of Utica by working in nursing at Faxton St. Luke’s and my father, Bob Jennings, spent more than 30 years working at Heritage Nursing Home. Both my parents Joyce and Bob have family that hail from the City, and they are proud of their lineage and the special connection it holds with the City of Utica.

Leadership is natural in the Jennings family, with my grandfather Frank Jennings acting as president of the Utica Milesians years ago. The Jennings family also has strong military ties, with several members serving in the armed forces, in an effort to promote equality and freedom for all.



As a member of the city I can bring a full circle effect to the area. Something my forefathers, parents, friends, and family can be proud of. Something that local community members can be proud of as well. I feel there are ways to strive for the success and opportunity the city still affords its people. Applying modern problem solving skills, ambitious plans for creating safe communities, and a leadership style that accepts nothing but achievement – I’m  vested in this city, and vested in its residents.
Whether we spend time reminiscing about Utica’s classic past times, celebrating its colleges and culinary cuisine, praising it’s small business sector, or enjoying the current cultural centers – one thing is certain –I strive to succeed and promote the success of our area.



On Tuesday, November 2, 2021, Please consider
Amy Jennings as an Independent Leader for Ward 2.